Descendants of Meinrad Bäbler (1538)


Investigation in September 1945 showed that the Dutch surname 'Bebelaar' descended from the surname 'Bäbler', originating from the Swiss Canton Glarus, particularly in the villages Engi, Matt and Elm in the Sernf Valley. General information on the name 'Bäbler' can be found here.


With thanks to several Swiss Archives, in particular the "Landesarchiv Glarus", and the Reformed Church Registers it was possible to make a nearly complete descendant line from Meinrad Bäbler (1538) until Jodel Bäbler (1738). The continuing descendant line in the Netherlands, with the transformation of the surname Bäbler into Bebelaar in 1811, could be found in various registers and other formal documents in the Dutch General Archives. Information covering the period 1843 upto 1900 was collected at various District Courts. From 1900 onwards most information was collcted through marriage certificates and formal announcements of birth, marriage and death. Most of the work has been done by:

David Bebelaar
Constantijn Hendrik Bebelaar 1888-1957
George Jacobus Helenus Bebelaar 1902-1959
David Bebelaar 1921-2003
Ronald David Hendrik Bebelaar 1939

In 2003 the overview as put up by Gary Michel Babler (1941) in Slater, Missouri, USA provided much additional information and various corrections to this document.

From Bäbler to Bebelaar

In 1783 Jacob Bäbler (1762-1811) arrived in the Dutch town of Veere in the provice Zeeland, as soldier with a Swiss regiment. He married a Dutch wive and after retiring from the Swiss Regiment he remained living in Veere,The Netherlands, untill his death in 1811. In official documents and registers he can be found under the names Bebler, Bebbeler and Bebbelar.
In 1811 he and his children were officially registered under the name Bebelaar.  Descendants of Jacob Bäbler from Veere, The Netherlands, under the name Bebelaar, spread out to various towns and villages in the Nederlands and to other countries such as, Germany, the United States of America and Canada. 

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The surname Bäbler worldwide

Poor living conditions in Europe during the 18th and 19th century forced quite a number of Bäblers from Glarus, Switserland, to emigrate to the the United States of America and build a new living, particularly in Missouri en Wisconsin. Descendants of these immigrants can be reconized by their names Babler, Baebler, Bebler en Beblar.

Also in neigbouring countries of Switserland, such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia en Servia the name Bäbler will be found until today. Also on other continents the name can be found

Internet searching engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Copernicus have been used to find additional information for this overview.

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